Kamloops Arts and Crafts Club


The Club was formed in the mid-1930's when a group of citizens joined together to share their artistic ideas and endeavors. In 1967, Kamloops Arts and Crafts Club made a sizeable donation towards the building of Heritage House. This was a Centennial project sponsored by the City of Kamloops and various groups and individuals and was to provide a building for senior citizens to meet and take part in a variety of activities.

Over the years KACC has provided the citizens of Kamloops and surrounding areas with quality art courses, many which became life-long hobbies and many which have turned into businesses. Classes and workshops are introduced as interest warrants. Students need not be members of the club in order to participate in the courses.

In 2004/2005, after several years of fund-raising by the many community groups using the building, both levels of Heritage House were expanded and renovated. Each room offers beautiful views of Riverside Park.

The lower level of the building was expanded giving the Weavers/Spinners a separate room in which to locate their looms and to allow members to weave undisturbed when other events are happening in the lower lounge. The pottery studio gained a larger working area and a separate kiln room - a definite safety feature. The upper level was also expanded and now offers a much larger area for many community events including our two annual sale events.

Heritage House is located in Riverside Park between 1st and 2nd Avenues of Lorne Street.