Kamloops Arts and Crafts Club

75th Anniversary Legacy Garden

On June 2, 2009, members of Kamloops Arts & Crafts Club along with representatives of the City of Kamloops dedicated and planted a Legacy Garden at the entrance to Riverside Park and Heritage House.

KACC President Kim Jensen gave a short history of the club and noted the earliest written records were dated 1934. This garden was created to leave a lasting legacy in celebration of our club's 75th anniversary.

Kim introduced members of council Mayor Peter Milobar, Councilors Tina Lange and Marg Spina and Arts, Culture & Heritage Manager Barbara Berger. Everyone was then invited to take a spade or hand trowel and plant one of the many plants as set out by city gardener Diane Hale who designed the xeriscape garden consisting mostly of hens and chicks with grasses and other plants not needing a lot of water.

It was gratifying to see some of our longtime members 'digging in' - members such as Dorothy Wright, Olga Burr, Enid Damer, Ann McAllister-Johnson, Geri Huntley, Sheila Smith, Chuffy Wallace, as well as some brand new and not-so-new members.

The serving of the anniversary cake was accompanied by conversation and chatting with friends while some members couldn't resist continuing the planting of the remaining hens and chicks.

At that afternoon's meeting of Kamloops City Council, KACC President Kim Jensen presented a cheque from the club for the Legacy Garden.