Kamloops Arts and Crafts Club


Kamloops Arts & Crafts Club potters enjoy a well-equipped studio in the lower level of Heritage House where they enjoy individual and group activities. Electric wheels, wedging and working tables, large and small extruders, and a slab roller allow potters to explore both wheel throwing and hand building. Members share in the mixing of glazes and in the firing of the electric kilns. A well-stocked library offers inspiration and occasional fun nights bring the group together.

Anyone wishing to use the studio must take a KACC sponsored pottery class and must become a KACC member. The KACC generally offers spring and fall pottery classes. This can include both wheel classes and slab (hand) building classes. Classes generally run up to 8 weeks. Once the class dates are set, they are posted below for your information (typically one month in advance). Registration is in person, on a first come, first served basis as there are a limited numbers of spaces. If no classes are listed below, check back regularly for class information.

In addition to the annual membership fee, a volunteer commitment in support of the club is required from each member. This can be within the pottery studio or the club, serving on the executive, or assisting at various club events.

KACC’s pottery studio is not to be used to produce items for sale at other than Kamloops Arts and Crafts Club’s two annual sales.

For more information contact the KACC at kamloopsartsandcraftclub@gmail.com