Kamloops Arts and Crafts Club

Kamloops Arts and Crafts Club

The Kamloops Arts & Crafts Club is a registered non-profit organization aimed at the promotion and continuation of arts and crafts in Kamloops and surrounding areas.

To this end, we provide a place for interested artisans to gather weekly to meet with other like-minded people and share ideas, techniques and dreams!

Education is an important aspect of the Kamloops Arts & Crafts Club; this may be impromptu sessions as artisans gather or formal classes sponsored by the club.


KACC membership includes three main groups - fibre arts, painting and pottery.

Benefits of club membership include:

On Tuesday mornings club members gather in the lower lounge of Heritage House. This is a social gathering for the sharing of ideas, techniques and the love of art. Coffee is on (25 cents a cup) and generally sweets are on hand. We invite you to drop in Tuesday between 9am and 1pm. During this time, the painters may have a group project they work on or they may be working on their own piece. The fibre artists work on a variety of projects with some using the club's spinning wheels and looms. Everyone, including the rug hookers, needle workers, basket makers and others are always willing to share their knowledge with newcomers. For more information on the fibre artists section of the club click here.

The painters meet Wednesday afternoon between 12pm and 4pm as they work on individual or group projects or explore new techniques and materials. For more information on the painting section of the club click here.

The pottery studio is restricted to use by member potters only who have taken a recent class at Kamloops Arts & Crafts Club. The pottery studio is open to potters from 8 am to midnight to give potters the opportunity to practice at their leisure. For more information on the pottery section of the club click here.

Current membership fees are $60/year due August 1st each year. These fees help cover club operating costs including rent, newsletter, office expenses, insurance and equipment. Fees are subject to change. Minimum Age for membership is 16 years. Membership fees for seniors 65 and older is $40.

Anyone 16 years and older interested in any aspect of the arts and crafts is invited to join the Kamloops Arts and Crafts Club. Those wanting to join pottery, will however need to take a class.

Membership handbook (PDF)

Contact us

Located at the lower level of the Heritage House in Riverside Park.
Our address is:

Kamloops Arts & Crafts Club
Box 522
Kamloops BC V2C 5L2